7 Tips and Tricks When installing a Magnetic Screen Door

If you are wanting to create an easy way for your family to go from indoors to outdoors in your home and in a hands-free way, then installing a magnetic door screen is one of the best investments to make.

This nifty little invention works by taking two mesh pieces of material that are held in place by magnets and essentially acting as a curtain for your doorway. They are quickly becoming a very popular alternative for sliding screen doors and for great reason.

Not only do they still keep all the pesky bugs out of the house, but they also allow for easy access in and out regardless of age. In fact, pets can go through these doors with ease too. Designed with mesh material that can endure all weather and climates while equally providing great visibility through it all, this hand home addition is something many homeowners are falling in love with.

But perhaps one of the best reasons to get a magnetic screen door is the fact that it is super easy to install. In fact, you can do it yourself with no professional help required. For those that have never had a crack at it before, not to fret. We have collected all the top tips and tricks to consider when it comes to installing magnetic screen doors for the first time.

  1. Prepare the Mesh

First, you will want to examine the magnetic screen door and unpack it. To do so, lay out the screens on the ground and ensure it goes on a flat surface so it is perfectly aligned. What will happen then is that the magnets that have been installed on the edges will easily stick together all on their own. When you watch this happen, you will think that magic is really happening.

Keep in mind when preparing the mesh that there will likely be larger gaps at the top than at the bottom and that is completely normal.

  1. Make Sure Magnets are Symmetrical

The next step is to really double-check that all the magnets are aligned symmetrically down the middle. Make sure that when the mesh is laid out, you can open and close with the magnets easily closing back together without your guidance.

The key here is to make sure that the magnets are symmetrical because if they are not you will have gaps that could ultimately let bugs into your home. A pro tip with this step is to also separate the magnets first before you actually install the screen.

  1. Add On the Adhesives

Next, you will want to add the adhesive strips to the mesh frame. You can do this by simply peeling off the backing to the strips. Place this side directly to the back of the screen. Make sure that there is no dust or other external factors that can get onto the adhesives before you apply it in the location you want it to go. Next, repeat this step for the rest of the adhesive strips you have been given with the mesh.

The key to this step is to really press down firmly when you are applying the strips, as you want to make sure everything has been put down securely and it won’t fall off.

  1. Clean the Door Frame

Before you hang the mesh, give the door frame a really good clean, get all the dust off and let it dry. This is a very important step because any dust or dirt that is still on the door frame can lessen the strength of the adhesives you are about to use. From there, give it a really good amount of time to air dry.

  1. Measure the Door

While the door frame is drying, you will want to measure the width of the door and figure out what the halfway point actually is. An easy way to do this is by using a measuring tape and dividing the total length in half. That halfway number will be your center point for the mesh you are about to hang.

  1. Attach From the Top Down

Next, it is time to finally hang your magnetic door! To do this, you will want to start by applying the mesh to the doorframe from the top down. Make sure before you do this you also remove the backings to the adhesives so they can stick firmly in place to the door frame. From there, slowly work your way down.

  1. Add Extra Security

For the final step, give an extra layer of security by sticking the mesh in place by putting tacks through it and into the door frame. When you do this, you will be able to provide backup to your adhesive strips. But keep in mind this last step will likely only work if you are hanging the magic door on a wooden door frame.


Installing a magnetic door is simple and anyone can do it with these seven simple steps.

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