Challenges You’ll Face While Studying Overseas

Studying abroad is a long-cherished dream for many people. When it comes true you’ll find yourself in cloud nine. It is an eccentric that provides the perfect opportunity to pursue a world-class degree as well as opportunities to travel, meet new people, learn a new language, and many more. However, moving to another country comes with some obstacles and challenges.  Let us have a look at it in detail to know about the different kinds of challenges that you might face while studying abroad and how to overcome them:

Language or cross-cultural shock: The communication barrier is the worse problem face by an international student. Even if you have quite a good band in IELTS  you may find it difficult to talk and understand a native speaker entirely. In addition to becoming familiar with the language and the country’s currency, you will also have to adjust to the local culture and eating habits.

To overcome this problem try to be familiar with local cultural norms and lingo. If you are not fluent in the host country’s first language, carry around a translation dictionary and try to befriend local people.

Managing Academic Expectations: Each country has its own unique style of teaching. You may find it difficult to get acquainted with a different style of learning in a country abroad. As a result, you may lack motivation and failed to manage your academic expectations. Do some research about your university teaching pattern and try to cope up with it from the early days of your study.

Feeling like an outsider: Due to Language and Communication Barriers, you may find yourself alone and feel like an outsider. Perhaps you may never feel so out of place before. So, try to make at least one local friend who can help you to settle down. You may befriend other international students too.

The feeling of being Homesick: Back home, you have never noticed, but yes, it happens! You’ll start missing the silly fight with your siblings, your bed, mom’s cooking, even that tea you once had at your neighbor’s place. Don’t panic. When you feel homesick try to be busy, engage in some group work, or join the club at your institute, stay active.

Running low on cash: Things get worse when you run out of money even after spending so carefully. Try to build a habit of making a list of necessary staff you need, make a budget and spend wisely. Be extremely conscious and hyper-sensitive while purchasing anything.

Getting Lost: No matter how many maps you followed or street names you memorize, you will inevitably find yourself in a sticky situation in an unfamiliar place – aka LOST. Do not panic in these scenarios. You need to be prepared for any sort of adventure across the city with handy maps. Try to memories at least a few sentences like “help me, I’m lost!” or “Can you please direct me to this address” in the local language.

The last challenge you may face is finding housing, so our friends at Diggz put together this housing guide for international students.

These are the challenges that I think every international student probably faces while studying abroad but there could be more. Be ready for that, and explore your abroad days at your most.

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