Elevate Your Reading Experience with These Clever Bookshelf Styling Tips

We all love decorating our house to make it look more welcoming and trendy. We are often very specific about the kind of furniture we would like to add to certain spaces in our homes. We go to any length and breadth to explore various designs, materials, and styles so that we choose only the best items for our beloved home. Bookshelves rank as one of the most significant additions to the homes of book enthusiasts. Let’s not deny the fact that we often find ourselves clueless when it comes to choosing the right bookshelf and then styling it to blend it perfectly with the décor. Therefore, we’ll give some straightforward yet useful advice for styling your bookshelf in this article.

  1. Make room for your bookshelf: The majority of people place a bookshelf in the study room or place it somewhere in the corner of the living room. Or sometimes it is placed oddly against the wall of the dining area. Just like any other piece of furniture, a bookshelf also requires your attention and detailing. Consider positioning the bookshelf right behind the sofa that faces the door, so the moment anyone enters they are held capitative with the collection of your books. You will come across as someone who values books, and this often creates a great impression on your visitors.
  2. Don’t overcrowd the bookshelf: Your books require some breathing space. Stuffing your bookcase with numerous books can make it look more cluttered than beautiful. Make it a rule to fill in each shelf with only enough books, so that nothing falls off when you are pulling out a book of your choice to read.
  3. Don’t just use a bookshelf for books: Bookshelves make a great choice for creating an extra display space to show off your artifacts, elegant bone china dinner set, or photo frames. There is no thumb rule that bookshelves are meant to hold only books. You can get creative with the items you would like to place on the bookshelf to make it look attractive. For example, strategically placing potted indoor plants on various levels of the bookshelf is a great way to give your living room or study a refreshing look.
  4. Stick to neutral colors: When you possess many books, unknowingly you have collected a powerhouse of colors. It makes sense to buy a bookshelf with a neutral color so that the colorful cover images of the books stand out against it. Sticking to basic muted colors like beige, white, or even black is a good idea as they provide the perfect backdrop to hold the colorful sight of the books, rather than overpowering it.
  5. Keep changing the look: The way you place your books need not be the same all the time. Break the monotony by shuffling the books on the shelves occasionally so that it looks refreshing. Never stack same-size books together, rather mix and match the book sizes to give them a unique look.

With these styling tips in mind, we hope you have gotten busy trying to reorganize your bookshelf.

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