Fear of flying

people love traveling and glimpsing new places, but there’s one part of travel that is scary for some people. Thus they tend to cancel their trip for fighting is essential for their trip. But people can still overcome the fear of flying with these facts


got a clear understanding of turbulence:

Turbulence is nothing more than askew wind currents that cause planes to bobble a bit, not at all unlike driving on a bumpy road or sailing on a choppy sea. But seriously, there’s no need to worry at all: Planes are specifically designed to handle and minimize turbulence.


2.get a clear overview of plane internal safety measures

So comfort yourself by discovering how planes are constructed to withstand emergencies. Preparedness is key in any accidental situation, so knowing that you’re facilitated with sophisticated safety measures to handle different scenarios may help alleviate any worry. It’s also helpful to do some study about the air circulation procedure that a plane has to help alleviate your fear of transmitting COVID-19 on a flight. Fresh air is frequently pumped into the plane. and needs only three minutes to recycle the air for repetitive use. deploying HEPA filters that remove 99.9 percent of impurities, including bacteria and viruses. So get over your fear of air pollution on the plane.


3.choosing a seat, where it matters.

One of the few things passengers can do while choosing a seat. Get to know your exact reason for fear. if it’s related to height.try avoiding window seats. but if feel curious that what is happening around your flying, you can choose a window seat as well. who feel impatient and need to walk around. Aisle seats can be a good option for them. upgrading to business class could be helpful there, too.


4.Do something that diverts your thinking

To be distracted from the current situation watching movies, listening to your favorite shows, reading a great novel can be a good idea it could distract from the reality that they’re flying, but not everyone finds it helpful. There is a trick that can help distract your thought. that is try something unorthodox that you are not familiar with. more specifically do the opposite things that can redirect your thought into a whole new direction.. for example, if you are left-handed, try to engage your thought to draw a picture right-handed. and this when the turbulence starts, you may get out of the current situation you are going through


5.stay positive: Think Positive

it’s simple to let the flight anxiety build. When this happens, counter your fear of flying with the exciting prospect of getting to be on a plane, hopefully going somewhere fun. Try to be on  point positive—like all the things you’ll do once you reach your destination


Appoint a therapist: If your fear is truly concerning, you’re possibly best off seeking professional help. “Mental health professionals can help individuals overcome a fear of flying through the use of mental behavioral therapy and exposure and response prevention,”.


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