Ideas for Corporate & Business Holiday Gifts in 2022

Corporate gifting is one of the important rituals that should be followed in every business organisation. This type of gifting will help in valuing the clients in a better way. Corporate gifting also helps in motivating the employee in the company by working better and creating a friendly environment. 

Things to be Considered while choosing a Corporate Gift:

  • Choose the right kind of gift based on the employees needs.
  • You can categorize based on the gender, but make sure everyone recieves the same kind of gifts.
  • Thoughtfull gifts are something that is always welcomed. 
  • Make sure to surprise your employee everytime they receive a gift.
  • Stick to a budget – This is because make sure all of them get treated in the same way. Sticking to the budget makes sure you dont exceed your budget and at the same time everyone could feel the same.
  • Creating a positive work culture makes the employee and organisation grow at the same time.
  • Adding a handwritten or printed card make them feel good. Starting the letter with the employee name makes the employees feel personal

Here are some of the best corporate gifting ideas which will make your sharing/gifting process easier.

    1. Onboarding Gifts:

If someone is joining the company, it may just be one among the few. But when it comes to them, its a kind of excitement, achievement and happiness, when they step toward their new work. If someone is joining a company for the first time after college, it could even be a dream for them. In that case, a simple fresher gift would encourage them and make them even more excited to start their day at work. IF someone is rejoining after some gap, there are different day-one kits that will help in motivating and welcoming them even better.

There are different types of corporate gifting options, and you can choose one based on your employee needs.

  2. Festival Gifts:

It is important to be a part of our employees festivals and occasions too. So during special occasions like diwali, pongal, etc., make sure to share a gift with the employee so that they will love them. This type of gifting does not just mean that it should be something like sweets and chocolates. You can make it thoughtful and at the same time meaningful by adding some of the unique things in the gift hampers. There are different corporate gift options that  can make you choose one from the list of hampers.

  3. Special Day Gifts:

It is always special and we all enjoy the special days in our life like birthday, anniversary, and the list goes on. Always as an organisation, it is important that the company should be a part of the important occassions and celebrations. So, make sure to have a list of your employees birthday dates. At that time, you can even send some simple hampers with a card and simple gifting options.

  4. Customisable Gifts:

This is one of the best option to be considered. Here you can customise or choose gifts to make it a beautiful hamper. Some of the best products to be considered are candles, water bottles, pouches, bags, and the list goes on. You can also customise this based on the gender or position they are into.

   4. Encouraging Gifts:

Make sure to encourage and apprciate the efforts of the company. Foe example, When a deal is signed for the day, its mostly a team goal rather than just pointing one person. Make sure to encourage the whole team. Or if you are a project lead or manager and found your juniors workng so hard for the success, then it is you duty as  leader to appreciate the hardwork and efforts.

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