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Installation of a window sill

A correctly selected and installed window sill immediately catches the eye. Because without this detail, the window does not look harmonious. A window sill is not only a decoration element, it performs various functions. It protects against entry from the outside and loss of heat from the inside, while creating proper air movement in the room. If there is no window sill, then the accumulated condensate flows down the walls, spoiling the finish of the room.

The material of the window sill and, of course, the quality of the installation are also important. Windowsills can be of different types and depend on the material of manufacture. It is the wish of all to put a window sill made of the same material as the window frame.

The classic window sill is still wooden. For the production of quality products, an array of species is used, such as ash, oak, maple, beech, chestnut, cherry and mahogany. Window sills made of larch have proven themselves perfectly, which are characterized by amazing strength and an almost eternal service life due to the characteristics of wood.

For more effective water resistance and durability, the wood is treated with a paint layer. Depending on the wood, the cost of the window sill will increase. At the same time, wooden windowsills require careful care. They should not be moistened abundantly, solvents or abrasive detergents should not be used. Likewise, wooden windowsills should not be installed in rooms with high humidity. To increase the service life and for protection, once every 4 years you need to apply a new wax coating or varnish. To reduce costs, window sills are made of wooden slats glued under high temperature and pressure. Chipboard windowsills are also popular.

Stone windowsills are suitable for any room and look beautiful. Granite, marble, labradorite and onyx are used for the manufacture of stone windowsills. Granite is the most reliable, but its drawback is that it accumulates radiation. Most often, marble is used for window sills, it is beautiful, strong, and absolutely safe. The most expensive in terms of cost, and the most beautiful is the onyx window sill, as it has the ability to play with light and has a unique pattern. Instead of a natural stone, you can choose an artificial one. These windowsills are not inferior to natural stone in terms of technical and physical properties, but are more diverse in terms of aesthetic indicators. Artificial stone is light, so it does not require additional strengthening, but it needs more careful care. Below we have provided some professional recommendations for choosing stone windowsills:

  • Before ordering a window sill, you need to come to the factory and choose a suitable stone by color. This will help you choose the right window decor with a window sill.
  • It is necessary to correctly combine window sill and window materials. According to its material, the window sill should not stand out.
  • A stone is stronger when it has fewer veins.

Plastic windowsills are resistant to sunlight and completely waterproof. The multi-chamber design made them fire-resistant, strong, durable and rigid, they have excellent heat-insulating characteristics. PVC is harmless to humans and has sanitary certificates.

Installation of a window sill

The technology of installing windowsills from different materials is quite simple and practically the same. It is important to first choose the right size of the window sill, because its length is chosen wider than the window, because the edges of the window sill will go into the wall. And the width depends on the depth of the window and a protrusion of 5 cm is added.

Window sills are mounted in a quarter of the window. There are the following installation technologies:

  1. On construction foam with the help of struts that prevent the window sill from bending; sometimes special glue is used instead of foam.
  2. If the overhang of the window sill is more than 10 cm, it is placed on special fasteners.

Before installing the window sill, it is necessary to prepare a place for it. Under metal-plastic windows, the presence of a support profile is required so that the window sill fits into it, in wooden products there must be a special quarter. Between the lower part of the opening and the line of the window, a distance of 20 mm more than the thickness of the window sill is required so that the product can be covered with foam. Then the surface is cleaned of debris, and the window sill is tried on. Window sills are installed on a reinforced concrete surface for waterproofing. Wooden windowsills must be protected from damage before installation, they are wrapped with polyethylene or cardboard. The protection is removed only during the installation process. On the side of the window, the edge of the window sill should be smeared with an antiseptic. Then the window sill bar is brought under the frame and leveled on the beacons.

Plastic and stone windowsills are easier to install, as they do not swell and do not dry out under the influence of humidity and temperature. The edges of the window sill go under the plaster, are wrapped with polyethylene, and after installing the slopes, they are cut off. The voids left under the window sill must be evenly filled with construction foam. After the foam dries, you can remove spacers and beacons and do further processing.

How to install a window sill made of artificial stone

A window sill is an interior decoration that perfectly complements the general style of the room. You can achieve more impressive results by making this part of the room the main “highlight” of the design. Window sills made of artificial stone are best suited for this. By correctly installing such an element, you will add “completeness” to the window space and improve the operational characteristics of the room:

  • close the access of cold air from the street;
  • prevent heat loss by reducing the number of gaps in the hole;
  • create a convenient and elegant surface that can be used to place various items.

In addition, stone windowsills are so strong that you can sit on them.

How the window sill improves the microclimate

If the installation is done correctly, the design will prevent the penetration of drafts and improve air circulation in the room. Thanks to it, condensation will not appear on the window and other objects in contact with the environment.

Another advantage of window sills made of artificial stone is low thermal conductivity. The product heats up slowly even with long direct exposure to sunlight. This means that the room in which such a structure is installed will be cooler than it could be when using plastic or wooden products.

How to install windowsills made of artificial stone

Installing a window sill made of artificial stone is somewhat more difficult than installing conventional models, but there is nothing supernatural about it. If you follow certain rules, the structure will be securely fixed and will remain in place until you want to remove it.

Installation takes place in several stages:

  1. Dismantling the old window sill and preparing the base for placing the new one. At this stage, you need to bring the cement screed to a certain level (usually it is about 15 mm). The screed should be located lower than the expected upper level of the new window sill. It will be necessary to use canopies, which are installed over the previously made cement screed. Only after they are placed can you fix brackets or other types of fastening. This will make it possible to better fix the new window sill, because when it is placed, a few centimeters of the surface will go under the finished window frame and will be located in the side slits of the slopes.
  2. Processing of the end part to give the design the desired look. It is performed with the help of a milling cutter.
  3. Additional processing: the surface is polished and degreased.
  4. Work with the seam: the back surface of the ready-to-install window sill is covered with glue that can withstand heavy loads. The seam is carefully tightened with clamps.
  5. The elements are left to dry – it takes about two hours.
  6. After the glue has completely dried, the experts start grinding the seam. After that, you need to process the windowsills in the same way. Specialized tools are used for this.

That’s it, after performing the above procedures, the structure is installed. You can use it immediately without the risk of breaking anything.

How the companies works with stone windowsills

The specialization of our company Home Additions Sacramento is the production of window sills from artificial stone. We not only manufacture such products, but also install them in the right places. Despite the simplicity and reliability of the material, working with it requires special skills and a number of tools. You need to know what artificial stone reacts best to, and what is better to avoid when installing structures from it.

Why should you order installation here?

We have vast experience in working with artificial stone. All properties and features of the material have been studied. High speed of work and strength of the final structure are guaranteed.

We perform a full cycle of work: we manufacture, install, service window sills.

Here you can buy a product that will fully match the features of your interior.

The service life of artificial stone products is several decades. During this period, the appearance and functionality of the windowsill does not decrease.

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