ISRO Ka Full Form

Have you heard about ISRO Ka Full Form? Then you must be aware of how this social media post is being shared by ISRO. This post is also shared on Facebook and WhatsApp. In this post, you will find the full form of ISRO. Read it to know more about this popular Indian space agency. But, before you share it on social media, you need to know a few important facts about ISRO.

ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organisation. The organization is a government department in India that manufactures satellites, conducts space related research, and develops technology. The name ISRO has a lot of meanings and is best understood with a little background knowledge. Here are some of these meanings of ISRO. Read on to find out more about ISRO Ka. Once you know what this acronym stands for, you can start looking for some of its full forms!

ISRO is the largest space agency in the world. It has launched more than 100 spacecraft, including 70 lunch missions, nine student satellites, and two re-entry missions. ISRO also has 269 foreign satellites, representing 32 countries. You can read more about ISRO Ka and how it works. It’s easy to see why ISRO is so important, and how it has helped the country in so many ways.

ISRO is the premier space agency in India. The organization has developed applications-specific satellites for various industries, including telemedicine, distance education, and geographic information systems. It was established in 1969 and works under the Prime Minister of India. Its founder, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, is considered one of the founding fathers of the Indian space program. But, ISRO has a long way to go!

ISRO is a very popular acronym, but there are also several full forms that have different meanings. You can find the ISRO ka full form in Hindi by visiting English on Mobile. You may also use a search engine to find the full form of ISRO in English. If you don’t find the exact meaning of ISRO, try searching for it on Google and look up the full form in other languages, like Arabic, or Korean.

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