Most famous roads in Iran for a road trip

Iran is a large nation with a variety of scenery. The greatest approach to enjoying and learning about different regions for road trips in Iran.

Iran’s most attractive highways are an excellent cause for people who are always on the go. When we wish to travel, we always look for 1,001 sites to visit.

First and foremost, plan a road trip, since you should appreciate the journey as much as the destination. You’re on your way to the most beautiful roads in Iran, from north to south, some of which are well-known and others whose names may not even be on their maps.

Because Iran has a diverse climate, it has lovely highways with numerous spectacular vistas, some of which have become tourist attractions in their own right. Travel in your vehicle or a rented car for the best experience.

Heiran | Experience passing through the clouds

Most people consider this route an emblem of heaven on Earth, with an unmatched beauty. The Heiran Road links the cities of Astara and Ardebil. You don’t notice the 40 kilometers that separate you from your life since the route is so gorgeous. You may save money and enjoy this excellent road by using a car rental in Iran without a driver.

Asalem road to Khalkhal, Iran’s earthly paradise

The Province of Asalem-Khalkhal province Because of their temperature and geographical characteristics, the northern cities of Iran feature lovely and green roadways. The Asalem-Khalkhal route is one of the most attractive highways in the country’s northern regions, stretching from Asalem in Gilan Province to Khalkhal City in Ardabil Province’s south.

This road is one of the greenest and rainiest routes in our country’s north, and due to its height, it has a cool temperature. Even on hot summer days, the route has a chilly environment; therefore, carry extra clothing while traveling on this road.

Car rental Iran, as mentioned above, can be one of the best options for your trip. You can rent a car from a reputable car rental company, such as Rentkonim, with or without a driver, and get the best experience.

Chalus Road

Chalous Road is one of the most renowned highways in northern Iran, and it is one of the most common road routes in Iran due to its proximity to Tehran and access to northern cities, particularly in Mazandaran Province. The route is approximately 160 kilometers long and passes through some of the most beautiful forests and mountains along its tonal course.

Natural features, well-weathered villages, and picturesque bungalow areas draw numerous people to various places on Chalus Road throughout the year. Car rental Tehran can be a good option for your convenience on Chalous Road. You can rent a car in Tehran and then prepare to travel on this road.

Saravan Fouman Road is Beautiful and eye-catching

A four-season route that is beautiful in the spring, autumn, and winter and is renowned among Iranian photographers for its numerous charms and even the most commonplace images.

If you’re traveling with your smartphone, you may also stop at the Museum of Historical Monuments of Gilan to immerse yourself in history by viewing precious relics from ancient Iran.

Shahrood Road in Gorgan

Another lovely route in Iran is the Shahroud-Gorgan Road, which is also known as the Toskestan Road due to its location in the Toskestan Forest near Gorgan. A winding route with a distinct character that connects Shahroud in Semnan Province to Golestan Province.

This road’s excellent condition is one of its distinguishing qualities. The unique greenery and rising trees distinguish it from the rest of Iran’s northern regions.

Forest Road 2000

The woodland roads that go to the Highlands are among the most romantic paths available. The 2,000-foot forest road and 3,000-foot woodlands begin at Tonekabon, Mazandaran, and ascend to forest heights.

The path, which leads to the lush and lovely Hyrcanian woodlands at the finish, transports you to the chill of autumn amid the summer heat.

This is one of the most beautiful routes in Iran, and we recommend using it in the fall to be fascinated by its colorful nature and experience the delight of traveling on Iran’s forest roads.

Uramanat Hedge Road

Uramanat Hedge Road is one of Iran’s most fascinating highways, featuring breathtaking natural scenery. A meandering road on one side with lush gardens, towering mountains, and deep valleys on the other. This adds to the excitement of your adventure. When we say deep canyons, we mean look at either side once you reach the top of the road; you’ll notice the distance.

Ramsar Road to Javaherdeh

This route is a good weather destination in the spring and is one of the most beautiful highways in Iran’s north.

Javaherdeh Road, created in 1971 with the assistance of German engineers, is one of the most twisting and high routes leading to the lush environment of the north. The bakery woods along the way will take your breath away.

In the spring, take a trip along this lovely route. In the summer, however, there is nothing but beautiful weather and scenery. In the fall, you may also appreciate the hues of nature while taking in some fresh air.

Last word

In this post, we sought to expose you to a few lovely and popular routes to go on. You may now rent a car for your next trip and begin your adventure without concern. Rentkonim is always ready to help you, dear consumers.

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