Songs that glorify every Tamil weddings

Music has no boundaries, no languages. All it comprises is full of emotion. At every Tamil wedding, there are a lot of events like mehndi night, groom’s entrance, reception, and many more. Where music is an indivisible part of entertainmet.No matter what sorts of music you choose for wedding events, there would be one thing in common that is an emotional attachment with the songs that perfectly suit the wedding events.  Here are a bunch of Tamil song lists that may cover every wedding event smoothly.

1.Nalangu and Mehndi night  event:

At the event of nalangu, which is commonly known as the Haldi ceremony in many regions of India. This event takes place on the night before the wedding ceremony. This event aims to clean the bride and groom respectively using various cleansing materials like turmeric, henna paste, oils, fragrance soap, etc. Depending upon the mode of this event, these songs may lift the pleasure of this event delightfully.


*.Manamagale marumagale

*. kalayana  aasai vantha

* En Jeevan a heart-touching song dedicated to the groom’s new beginning.

*Jothi Neranjava


2.Mappillai Azhaippu- (Groom’s entry):

This is a welcoming ceremony from the bride’s side for the bridegroom that takes place on the wedding day. Instead of entering directly to the bride’s house, the groom’s side waits for the invitation from the bride’s father to come inside. At the moment of entering into the bride’s home, band paries plays various flutes, drums, and other musical instruments at a rhythm. these songs may enhance the vibe of the event successfully

*Nooru varusham

* Mangalayam

* Kaatru veliyidai

Songs or live Orchestra performances and even background scores from famous movie star entry scenes in a movie can cheer up the event instantly.


3.Wedding day songs: There have a lot of romantic songs for this event

* Manappenin Satthiyam and Manamaganin Satthiyam when bride and groom make their vows respectively. this song would be a good option to play.

* Ragasiyamai can be a good choice when the wedding couple exchanging glances with each other.

*Ullam paadam this soulful song can be played when the bride takes an entry to the wedding stage or even when the wedding couples exchange their varmalas.


4..Bridal Receptions: after completing all the necessary sacred formalities, the bridal reception program looks quite informal. The wedding couple gets some free time for themselves and can be noticed dressing. lighter outfit. These melodious songs surely boost up the mood of the wedding party. dramatically.


* Ye Manpuru

*Sangathil illatha kavithai

*Hey Paadal Ondru Song

*Saarattu vandiyila


Sometimes playing the latest Tamil song can cheer up the party.


5..Songs dedicated for Reception night where dance matter:

A reception ceremony without some dance moves is unimaginable. On this particular night, all guests along with newly married couples dance to the music and enjoy every moment.

Selfie pulla

Adhaaru adhaaru

Thodakkam Mangalyam can be a great pick for party guests to shake their bodies on the dance floor.

*Aaha kalyanam A perfect melodious song for the dance performance

.*Alaipayuthey yaro yarodi ultimate wedding dance song where groom and bride with their besties dance together.


5.Music tailored for making wedding videos: To keep every wedding moment alive, videography is a must. Not all songs fit in perfectly for making the background score of the video. A good selection of songs can make eye-catching videography with ease.

*Athan Varuvaga

*Anbil avan

*Idicha pacharasi

*Idhu Dhana

*Ok kanmani


Songs for other religious weddings: Christian & Telugu wedding ceremonies are also common among the Tamil community. There have songs for them as well. Tamil Christian community have their customs and culture.

*Naalam naalam

*vaanamum boomiyum

*Aaseervadhiyum karthare

These songs hold the pertfect rthym  for Christian wedding parties.


The list of great Tamil wedding songs has not been is wise to choose wedding songs according to the mode and tempo of the wedding event.

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