The USA Owned the Fame One of the Best Makeup Producers Globally By Providing Makeups in Affordable Price

Makeup empowers confidence and self-esteem as women nowadays work at different workplaces. Yet, they choose to be young and attractive, so this demand allows the cosmetic company numbers to rise day by day. Some brands in the USA have introduced makeup with such rich elements of high quality, which promises to deliver the skin with the best coverage and lasts longer than you can imagine. Here are some top makeup brands in the USA you must try without any regret.
1. NARS Cosmetics:
Nars cosmetics was launched in 1994 by François Nars, which provides the best quality of makeup to the beauty consumer. The impressive lipstick collection bombed the cosmetic realm by Nars. The blush named ‘orgasm’ had been awarded as the best cosmetic for three consecutive years.
2. Bobbi Brown:
An American makeup artist named Bobby Brown launched her makeup line, Bobby brown. This beauty brand entitles every woman to embrace their inner beauty and shares their philosophy that makeup is natural and beautifies the real you.
3. MAC- Makeup Art Cosmetics:
Mac is the most popular beauty cosmetic brand that holds a quality reputation for a long time among celebrities too. Mac offers more than 100 shades of lipstick, foundation whichever delivers the groundbreaking satisfactory coverage with the potential to make skin look better relative to its price.
4.Too Faced Makeup Company:
Too Faced makeup brand is a very well known vegan and cruelty-free as they came up with the best collection of chocolate scented palettes. Too Faced Voluminous mascara and Too Faced Born this way Radiant concealer has set the beauty industry in a storm.

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Chanel is the most renowned brand for fashion, makeup, and perfume. This brand tops the list while talking about quality and reputation, which won the hearts of many celebrities because of its iconic lipstick collection.
6.Estee Lauder

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The brand Estee lauder has promised to enrich women’s beauty since 1946 and is still crowned as one of the well known cosmetic brands that never compromised on its quality. More than 130 shades of lipstick, over 60 shades of foundation etc., are available. Visit here

7. Urban decay
Urban decay is devoted to making cruelty free beauty products that deliver high-end quality. The brand is renowned for its Naked series collection, including nearly 12 eyeshadow palettes of different colours. The Urban Decay all-nighter setting spray, Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette, is also one of the best-selling products.

8. Maybelline

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The entrepreneur Thomas Lyle Williams launched the brand Maybelline after her sister’s name, Mabel. One hundred twenty countries have appreciated this brand for its fantastic eye makeup products, which enhanced the whole brand into the best drugstore brand.

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9. Loreal
L’oreal is said to be the wealthiest makeup brand with a brand value worth $11.75 billion. The beauty company has an unparalleled commitment to providing jaw-dropping quality wide ranges of products, including makeup, fragrances, and hair care products. The loreal Paris anti-ageing moisturiser collection has still been positioned as the best selling skincare item. Get more information

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