789BET – The Most Exciting Betting Game of 2023

Gourd Cua 789BET always receives countless compliments from players who have participated in the experience. With a gameplay that is highly entertaining and can easily increase income, this game is extremely popular in Vietnam. Find out information about this game right here.

1.A brief introduction to the game Bau Cua at the house 789BET

Surely, many gamblers who are passionate about red and black games know the attractiveness of Bau Cua 789BET. In the past, every Tet holiday, people gathered together and held this game. However, now with the development of modern technology, customers can directly participate at the house without having to go anywhere.

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Just like the traditional Bau Cua game, when betting players experience at the house 789BETs will include 3 dice and on each side of the dice will correspond to 6 different animals such as: Chicken, Shrimp, Fish , Gourd, Deer, Crab. The player’s task is to predict and bet on the corresponding animal when rolling the dice.

Overview of the extremely attractive 789BET Bau Cua game

Depending on each different betting table, there will be separate bonuses so that players can freely choose based on their own economy. The bonus level when winning this game is also extremely generous, so it has attracted a lot of people to sign up to bet.

2. 789BET Vote Crab Rules that you need to know

To be able to successfully hold the big prize in your hand, first you need to learn and understand the law of the election of Crab. The game has a very simple gameplay and does not limit the number of participants as well as the number of bets. At the beginning, the dealer will randomly roll 3 dice and in the meantime the player will not be able to see the result.

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Next, the player will start to predict and choose to bet on the animal he believes in. In one bet, you can choose one animal or more if you want and there is no limit to the amount of the bet. Finally, after the selection time is up, the house will open the results and the winners will receive prizes.

If all 3 dice produce the same result as the animal that you have bet on, then the bonus amount will be proportional to the number of occurrences of that animal. Of course, if you guess wrong, you will lose your bet capital.

789BET The Most Exciting Betting Game of 20231

Refer to the easy-to-understand rules of the game Bau Cua 789BET

For example, if you choose to place a shrimp door with an amount of 100,000 VND, when the results return 3 shrimp, the player will receive a bonus of 300,000 VND. The total bonus received is the amount of winnings corresponding to the appearance of the mascot plus your previous bet capital.

3.Share the experience of playing effectively Bau Cua 789BET

If you already know the rules and knowledge related to this game, you also need to learn more good tips drawn from the masters to help yourself improve your winning rate. Here are some effective playing experiences that you should not miss, compiled by 789BET house.

3.1 Bet only one mascot when playing Bau Cua 789BET

In order to master this method of playing, bettors need to cultivate their own perseverance and know how to properly allocate bet capital. Because when it is determined that raising a door is sure to win, it will cost a lot of money, but when you win, the reward is extremely generous.

Not only that, to use this method more effectively, bettors need to observe the results of previous rounds. At Bau Cua 789BET, you need to know exactly how often the animals appear so that you can find yourself a door with an extremely high win rate.

3.2 Master the habit of remembering the face of the dice at Bau Cua 789BET

Almost all the players who have successfully conquered this game have very good memory skills. For those who know this method by heart, the odds of winning are extremely high. Here are a few ways to make it easier for you to remember faces and exclude extreme accuracy:

According to the long-term experience of the players, the player can eliminate the mascots located on the opposite side of the dice in the previous roll result. Betting on the door with the animal close to the result appearing in the previous bet is the key to helping you improve your odds of winning.

In the game Bau Cua 789BET, the dice have an easy-to-remember structure as follows: Fish for Shrimp face, Bau for Crab face and finally Deer for Chicken.

789BET The Most Exciting Betting Game of 20232

Memorize the dice faces to predict the outcome with great results

So with the above memorization methods will help players eliminate doors with low hit rates and make it easier for themselves to win. Always know the result of the previous dice to be able to predict effectively.

So above is all the information related to the game Bau Cua 789BET. Hopefully, based on this article, it can help you understand the rules of the game as well as successfully apply effective betting experiences and take full advantage of your winnings

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