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Over/Under 2.25 is a popular type of bet in soccer betting, currently loved and chosen by many bettors, because of its attractiveness. However, when playing this type of bet correctly, not everyone knows. Understanding this, Nhà Cái New88 bookmaker will send you a summary of detailed content about this game through the article below.

Concept and how to play  Over/Under 2.25 

Over/under odds 2.25 Also known as 2 and a half bets, this is a type of Asian bet that is most popular with many people today. When facing each other, both teams have similar strength in form and high-class football tactics. In addition, the house will offer some of these types of bets in major tournaments such as Euro, English Premier League, World Cup…

When betting over 2.25

  • Lose enough: The total number of goals scored by both teams is less than 2 goals such as 0-1, 0 – 0, 1 – 0.
  • Lose half the money and draw 2 ¼ goals: The total number of goals for both teams must be 1-1, 2 – 0, 0 – 2.
  • If you win, you must score 3 or more goals, 3 -1, 1 -3.

When betting under 2.25

  • If you choose to bet under 2.25, if the total goals scored in that match is greater than or equal to 3, it means you have lost.
  • After the match ends and there are 2 final goals, the player will receive half of the winnings.

In some cases, betting on  Over/Under 2.25  is highly effective

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When the player places a bet Over/Under 2.25  Players will be counted accurately in the following cases:

  • Case 1: When the match ends, there must be at least more than one goal. If the player chooses to bet on Over, he or she will lose the initial bet. On the contrary, you bet on Under to win and win all the money. The winning amount you bet will receive with the initial odds according to the house’s regulations.
  • Case 2: If the match results in 2 goals, if you choose to bet on Over, you will lose half of your initial bet. On the contrary, if you bet on Under, you will win ½ of your bet. This amount will be calculated using a separate formula according to the house’s regulations.
  • Case 3: When placing a bet  Over/Under 2.25  If the match results in at least 3 goals, bettors who choose Over will win all that money and receive the odds according to the bookmaker’s regulations. On the contrary, if a player bets Under, he will lose the entire initial bet amount.

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Tips for playing over/under odds 2.25, if you win, you won’t win

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Over/Under 2.25  not high. Therefore, in addition to understanding the rules and how to play, you can refer to some of the tips below to improve your win rate specifically as follows:

Check the odds carefully

If you want the betting process to go smoothly, please conduct careful betting. Besides, analyze all information related to the matches accurately such as the following:

  • Ranking position plays an extremely important role in any type of bet, so this is the thing that you are most interested in and learn about before placing a bet.
  • In addition, players can consider the encounter history of these two teams, whether they are equal or not. In addition, please evaluate the performance as well as the changes in players and injury situation at the present time.

Manage bets

Money management will help you increase your bets quickly. Choosing the right bet will bring a win rate of up to 80% for players when playing odds Over/Under 2.25 . Besides, when betting the right amount of money, the winning rate will be increased to 20 – 50%. When applied correctly, the loss rate will certainly be unlikely. For money management, you can refer to some of the following ways to ensure your money during the betting process as follows:

  • Double bet: This means you bet on the next game twice the amount of the previous game in case you win.
  • Bet 1 – 3 – 2 – 6: This bet means you can bet on this ratio for 4 consecutive bets.
  • One of the things you need to remember when playing  Over/Under 2.25  is to bet on at most 2 odds in 1 match and should only play a maximum of 3 matches per day.
  • If you are confident about the upcoming match, you can bet comfortably. However, you should only set it at about 50 – 70% of the total capital you have.

Through the above article is basic information about  Over/Under 2.25 that New88 wants for new players to join. Hope this sharing will help you guys

Be more confident when betting at a reputable soccer site.

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