Arts & Crafts for This Valentine’s Day

Looking for something fun and creative to do on Valentine’s Day? Look no further than arts and crafts! Whether you’re looking for cute and simple ideas, want to get add more to your home decorations, or get more crafty and experimental, there are plenty of arts & crafts activities that you can try out this Valentine’s Day.

If you want to spend time with that special someone, arts and crafts is a perfect activity to do together. Be creative with it and switch art projects midway, or post the final result. You can also get artsy with your gift-giving, by making handmade valentines or unique cards to give to your loved ones.

Heart Doilies

These multi-colored doilies have many purposes, including making beautiful table runners or adding a pop of color when you line envelopes. To make your own heart doilies, simply cut out and trace hearts of a variety of shapes and sizes onto cardstock. Then, cut them all out carefully and glue them together in various patterns to create unique designs.

Tissue Paper Flower Wreath

A giant tissue paper flower wreath is perfect to show your Valentine’s Day spirit or for a V-Day party! It will add some brightness and cheer to any space. You can easily make it by cutting tissue paper into squares and arranging them to form a flower, then attaching the petals to a styrofoam wreath base.

Felt Heart Pockets

These felt heart pockets make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to store your mini chocolates and treats. Simply cut out felt hearts of different sizes, then use a needle and thread to stitch them together in a chain. Fill the pockets with candy or small gifts, and they’re ready to go!

Heart-Shaped Coasters

Not only are these coasters super cute, but they’re also practical. You can use them year-round, not just during Valentine’s Day! Make sure to drink responsibly.

Heart Vase

This easy craft is a fun way to show your love for trees, and all you need are some heart-shaped cutouts and white spray paint. Who knows, you might just be getting flowers so you need a place to put them.

Mason Jar Bouquets

If you receive flowers from your partner, you need a place to put them. And for those of us who love the idea of crafting but hate actually doing it, these bouquets require barely any creativity or skill—plus, they make a great gift for loved ones.

Kiss Balloons

If you want a more realistic look, put on your favorite red lipstick and use your lips as a stamp. Simply blow up a balloon and press your lips against it to leave their mark. You can then paint over this to make an artsy, unique balloon bouquet.

Tree Stump Initials

Add a rustic touch to your home décor by carving your initials into a tree stump. This activity is such a fun one, including cutting the tree with an axe, taking it home, and carving away. Make sure to get permission and check the weather to avoid ruining your Valentine’s Day.

Flower Card or Flower Box

If your arts and craft project is more on the functional side, you can make a flower card or flower box instead of using tissue paper to make flowers. Simply cut out various shapes of tissue paper, attach them to one another in a chain, then tape this onto the front of your valentine’s gift box. Gifts are given all around so make the wrapping and experience better with an anonymous touch.

No matter what arts and craft activity you choose this Valentine’s Day, one thing is for sure: there’s no better way to show your love and creativity than with artsy hobbies! So pick your favorite idea and get crafting today.

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