Dating App Tinder Made Easier to Find a Match and Go for A Dinner Date

Tinder is one of the most popular online dating apps in the US, launched in 2012. It is a geosocial networking app and is famous for its anonymous swipe and match profiles based on pictures and location. As soon as two profiles match, they can communicate in text messages.

How successful is Tinder for relationships?
It is possible to find a monogamous relationship on Tinder that can last forever. Although it is rare, many people found Tinder extremely helpful to find their partners to get married. 54% of single people use Tinder, the maximum percentage held by age 18-29. In the University of Vienna, research was conducted by economist Philipp Hergovich, showing that couples tend to be more successful who met through online dating apps than couples who met in a cliche way through friend group or workplace.
Nearly 44% of people claimed to end up with a long term relationship by matching their partners online.
A study confirmed by Queen Mary University of London in 2016 that the success rate of tinder relationships is 0.6%.

However, the popularity of online dating apps is increasing since there are many benefits of using Tinder which includes-

People can show interest by seeing everything about a particular person’s lifestyle, biography, outlook as they get access to vast numbers of potential partners to choose from the app.

The anonymous swiping method to show interest is a trouble freeway as it requires the interest of both partners to exchange messages. Tinder also allows functions where you can dislike profiles making sure you find your harmony in choosing partners.

Tinder allows potential partners to communicate through text messages and exchange social media links before meeting them in person. This initial online conversation helps to gather the essential information. Online communication saves time and effort before both of them become serious about relationships.

Types of relationships you can find on Tinder.

These are the types of relationships where you both ghost in and out whenever you want. One of them may take a more extended period to reply, as they are not serious about the date. When someone is bored, they pop up suddenly at midnight to have a late-night conversation, which is more like spending time when you’re bored.

It is a type of relationship where both of them go with the flow. People date, but not an actual date which does not include plans for a future relationship. People, in this case, get nonplussed when someone asks about the type of relationship they are maintaining.

Although a successful relationship is possible on Tinder, Ghosting has become prevalent on Tinder nowadays. Both males and females choose to ghost each other and stop contacting as they lose interest while texting because of the broad access to many partners online. Some people even meet in person and find the incompatibility between them, which leads to ghosting.

Nevertheless, if you’re honest and determined to have a relationship, you may end up finding your true love on Tinder too.


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