How lockdown affects our mental health

The world is not the same as it was before. As we all know, we are passing through a problematic catastrophic situation resulting from coronavirus. When the virus spread out all over the continents, and the human race observed massive fatality. The World Health Organization {WHO} declared the coronavirus a pandemic. Since then, this pandemic situation pushed us to the edge of extinction and changed our way of living. We were not familiar with the terms Lockdown, Isolation, Quarantine before the corona pandemic had hit hard upon us. As coronavirus is very much infectious to physical interactions and community gathering, which directly impacts our physical health, increases the death toll, and subsequently affects our mental health.

Before the corona outbreak started, we were free to do whatever we wanted to do. There was no restriction to do our usual things. We could hang out with friends. Go to the shopping mall. watching movies in theatres, attending public functions, and so on, but when the pandemic situations got worse gradually, and we see thousands of deaths tolls every day around the globe, we were forced to restrict our movement and social gatherings, which we named as “Lockdown.”

During the ongoing pandemic, situations staying at home with literally doing nothing is a big challenge. Stay-at-home orders had significant repercussions on mental health and created a gender disparity in depression among adults. Specifically, young adults have experienced a number of pandemic-related consequences, such as closures of universities and loss of income. During the pandemic, a larger than average share of young adults (ages 18-24) report symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder. Many children and young people have likely experienced loneliness during lockdown and in particular, been affected by lack of physical contact with their friends, families and peers, and the boredom and frustration associated with a loss of all the activities they have been used to taking part in.

Adults who are unemployed, feeling hopeless with primary concerns around financial security, even those who are working, facing difficulties in balancing the needs of their child with the demands of working. Moreover, Women with children are more likely to face symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder than men with children.

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So, the question arises how can you cope and take care of your mental health when everything is up in the air?

Here are few tips that you might find helpful-

-Distance physically, but not socially: Social distancing does not mean that you need to break off all your social contacts – just that you need to distance from other people physically.

– Set limits and take breaks from all electronics: Don’t spend hours and hours on your devices. It’s harmful for your wellbeing.

-Be physically active: Try to make your plans for the day and stay physically active, the days could become a blur.

-Eat and drink healthy: Try to eat a healthy meal regularly. If you cannot get fresh fruit and vegetables, try to look for frozen ones instead. Also, drink more water and limit pop, coffee, and alcohol.

-Get enough sleep: Try to go to bed and get up around the same time each day.  Stop using mobile phones or watching TV in bed. It’ll destroy your sleeping mood.


We are all collectively going through an unimaginable, challenging situation. However, it’s not going to continue for a long time. Don’t panic, stay positive, everything will be fine.

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