Kolkata Knight Riders And Their Contribution In The IPL

The Kolkata Knight Riders are one of the first eight teams in the Indian Premier League, which started in the year 2008. The team has participated throughout the years of the IPL and have not any issues with bans as Chennai as well as Rajasthan teams. KKR was crowned this year’s IPL title twice, but this season hasn’t been going as well for the team. The problem is that Kolkata did not perform well in tie-matches and they’ve lost three of their four matches. However, the Kolkata cricket team has a fantastic win record in their matches against Punjab Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

KKR suffered a slow start during the previous IPL season. They were able to only win two games in their first seven matches. The captain Eoin Morgan as well as the all-rounder Andre Russell were most out of their best. The tournament was cancelled because of Covid-19, and then moved into the UAE region. The break in the middle was vital for the team Kolkata and they scored 5 wins from 7 during the second half of the tournament as a result of their shifting strategies.

The top five fantasy cricketers who came from Kolkata Knight Riders in the last IPL season were Rahul Tripathi, Varun Chakravarthy, Sunil Narine, Venkatesh Iyer, and Shubman Gill. Kolkata has kept most of the players in this year’s IPL season. The fantasy cricket game is a form that is played online and allows players to form teams and select players based on previous performances.

Some Key Players For Kolkata Knight Riders:

There have been significant changes to The Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team due to auctions of new players as well as the current team configuration. The key players of the KKR for the IPL 2022 are listed below:

  1. Sunil Narine:

Sunil Narine is one of the bowlers with the highest ratings from Kolkata Knight Riders. He has taken 143 wickets with the team that was previously IPL champions with a decent bowling rate. Sunil also served as an opening batsman in many instances in recent times. Narine has a great strike rate and constantly strives to keep an economic rate, which is a sign of his incredible ability to stay consistent. Narine played a key role in Kolkata’s title winning years between 2013 and 2012. In addition, he’s one of the very few bowlers who have taken more than twenty wickets during three seasons consecutively in the IPL. Sunil came back during the year 2021 IPL season, taking 16 wickets in 14 matches. His performances had enthused his team until the finals.

  1. Venkatesh Iyer:

Venkatesh Iyer would like to take on cricket for a longer period of time and KKR chose him to play in his 2021 IPL. He played his first match with Royal Challengers Bangalore on 20th September 2021. Then it was his first fifty at the next tournament , against Mumbai Indians. The problem was that KKR needed to reach the target of 193 in the final game in the final match against Chennai Super Kings. Venkatesh Iyer and his striker recorded 91 runs in the match, but they fell short. However, he was awarded for his efforts, and was an Indian net bowler in the T20 World Cup squad last year. Venkatesh made his debut for the international team in the match against New Zealand in November 2021.

  1. Andre Russell:

Andre Russell has been KKR’s most consistent all-rounder throughout the history of the IPL. He has a remarkable strike rate for a middle-order batsman from the lower end. Russell has also racked up more than 67 wickets in 66 innings , with a typical strike rate and bowling average. He was however incongruous with his high standards in his 2021 IPL season, however the overall result is impressive.

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