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Own a Restaurant? Here Are 4 Marketing Strategies Proven to Increase Local Exposure

If you are the owner of a local restaurant, traditional offline marketing strategies are still the most important way to keep your business booming. You might think that everything is done online these days but certain small businesses, especially those in small towns, are still perfectly placed to take advantage of local offline advertising methods used by people decades ago.

But how do you market your business without it becoming too expensive or invasive? 

Here are 4 easy to implement marketing, and pretty cheap, strategies for your local restaurant business that will have a big impact on your bottom line and local awareness.

4 Local Marketing Strategies Everyone Can Use

There are so many options when it comes to marketing. Most people jump straight to online marketing and social media to promote a local business but traditional marketing tactics still dominate in certain situations, restaurants being one of them.

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Let’s say you’re a small restaurant in a normal town. You don’t need to spend big on TV ads or large billboards that might not actually work for your business. Tap into the power of local marketing for a much smaller financial investment: 

– Leaflet and menu drops

Yes they do become annoying but if you can make your leaflet stand out and grab attention you can really make an impact on your sales. Think outside the box, maybe a free sample or an invite to a ‘locals only’ buffet.

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– Posters and signs 

Posters and signs around your town are perfect to grab the eye of locals. Make sure they are placed in prominent areas with high foot-fall. It’s also worth protecting the posters with snap frames to avoid damage from the weather or passers by!

– Sponsor or run a local event

Outreach to the schools and charities that are based locally and put your heads together about how you can both increase your stature. You could also have a restaurant themed event or even a pizza eating competition, that’s if you sell them of course.

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– Outreaching to local press 

Similar to the above, outreaching to the local press with something newsworthy is always going to get people talking about you in your local town. Put forward a prize for a competition and invite local press, arrange a fireworks night for your food stall or have a pie eating competition in your pub’s beer garden. 

– Bonus: Product is king 

Offer something unique in at least one factor whether that be taste, quality, speed or even price. Just make yourself stand out for some reason and stick to it, promote that USP as much as possible.

It may come as a shock that we haven’t mentioned more modern tactics of getting customers like Facebook or Instagram shout outs, influencers and advertising but these sure-fire tactics are still super useful for local businesses, especially restaurants.

If you’re a new restaurant, you will really need to focus on an awareness drive first but after that, you should look to make sure your product is great so that people will naturally tell others about their favourite place to eat.


These are just a few of the marketing techniques that work for small local restaurant businesses. 

There are many more to explore, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your marketing strategies and push the boundaries. As long as the product is good and you’re getting it in front of your potential customers, you’ll be well on track to owning a successful restaurant.

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