Pregnancy Symptoms & Signs Of A Boy Baby

Pregnancy is one of the best journeys every woman will experience. Even if there are quite a lot of both positive and negative experiences, it will be for sure a mixed journey in life. If you are pregnant, many of your nannies or moms would be sure to check out the gender of the baby. Even if you are happy with whatever the baby is, we all also would be excited to predict the gender. It is always fun and exciting to experience the baby bump, the kicks, and the list goes on and on. There are 100 symptoms of a baby boy but here are a few that could excite and make your prediction fun.

In the early days when our mothers and grandmothers were pregnant, there will be their in-laws or old-aged nannies, who predict the gender of the baby based on the list of a few categories or the way the pregnant women behaved. Checkout the fun list and predict your baby’s gender too:

  1. Skin condition plays a vital role in most skincare predictions. When you are carrying a baby glow, it is said that the body will the mommy glow without stealing the beauty. So, if you feel like you are glowing compared to your normal existing skin texture, then there are about a few per cent chance, that it’s a baby boy.
  2. Morning sickness is one of the important concerns in almost most of our pregnancy days. This is one of the difficult concerns that most mothers complain about during the initial stages of pregnancy. If there is none of the sicknesses and you have a question like “Why dont I get morning sickness?”, then you can consider that it’s a baby boy.
  3. Most of them could have said that they craved food, during these pregnancy times. Even though the doctors say that it’s nothing but only the way you feel, there are many people who have personally experienced this particular symptom and shared it during the survey. There is only a 50% chance that the mothers carrying baby girls would have symptoms. But almost most women tend to crave for few selected foods if they are carrying a baby boy.
  4. If you feel like your baby bump is quite lower, then there are chances that the baby you are carrying will be a boy baby. This is something that even most new teenage moms believe and check every now and then to check the gender of the baby.
  5. Like skin, hair symptom is also one of important symptoms that will be checked now and then. There will be almost hairfall for every person considering the like stress, stress ratings, etc. So, especially during this time of pregnancy, if you feel the hair fall is quite low, it is also considered a symptom that the baby’s gender will be likely a boy.

There are also symptoms based on the skin, colour, weight, chillness, and the list goes on and on. The above symptoms are something that is very minimal. You can explore the symptoms of a baby boy online and you will get about 100 symptoms of a baby boy, which you can predict to some extent. Even though most of us are happy with whatever the baby gender is, it is fun and exciting to join your partner and checklist the symptoms of the gender of the baby. The maximum ticks would make you know the gender of the baby. But also dont 100% believe in this kind of symptoms. Because there can be exact opposite at times too.

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