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Managing a product from its infancy to the stage when it reaches the market requires a product team structure, and that’s when product management comes to the aid. Product management hierarchy instilled in an organization helps to organize and plan work related to the discovery, planning, launch and management of the product, which includes overseeing and guiding team members in every step of the product life cycle. But organizing an e-commerce team structure isn’t an easy task. In this article, we will discuss common product team structures and guide how to choose the best team structure for managing your product.

The Product Manager Hierarchy

There are a lot of people involved in the product management structure of a big product, which comprise:

  • Junior Product Manager: He works on minor areas in a product’s overall development. He prioritizes tasks and collaborates with team members at all levels.
  • Product Manager: He leads the work of the product development team and serves as a key conjecture between product developers and other stakeholders. He identifies strengths and candidature for roles in the hierarchy, playing a key role in the marketing team structure.
  • Owner of the Product: He prioritizes and oversees the work to ensure that the final products adhere to the requisite standards established by the company.
  • Senior Product Manager: He is responsible for looking after a portfolio of products. He manages multiple products at once.
  • Lead Product Manager: He is assigned to create new products, working with his team members to complete the projects undertaken.
  • Product Director: He is more involved in creating new strategies and focusing on already implemented systems in the organizational product structure. His work involves research and understanding competitors’ strategies.
  • Head of Product: He manages the overall budgetary requirements and oversees the work performed by lower-level members present in the product development hierarchy.
  • Chief Product Officer: He extends his leadership skill, motivating and encouraging team members part of the product development and management team. He is also involved in strategy formulation and marketing of the product.

How to Create a Product Team Structure?

Before structuring a product management team, you need to consider the following factors:

  • What kind of organization requires the product management team? If it’s a startup, it would need a startup team structure.
  • What are your target consumers and what are their needs?
  • What kind of product organizational structure do you want? If it’s an e-commerce business, you would require establishing an e-commerce team structure with expert professionals in the e-commerce sector.
  • How many products do you need to manage? Which product is of highest priority according to the levels of demand in the existing market and the needs for product development needs it requires?
  • Are the team members ready for an organizational change in the team structure?
  • What are the functions you want your product management team to perform based on your goals?
  • What are the budgetary requirements and resources you plan to allocate to your team so they can work efficiently?

Creating a product organizational structure is no easy work. As a product manager, you need to keep striving to improve the processes involved and allocate appropriate roles to each team member based on their strengths.


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