ST666 Promotion – Summary of the Best Offers at ST666

ST666 promotion is the decisive factor to attract a large number of members to participate at the house. The promotions are always updated by the house constantly with great value. If you don’t know what these promotions are, please refer to the article below.

1. Attractive ST666 promotions should not be missed

According to the evaluation of many professional betting players, compared to other addresses, the ST666 house offers more extreme promotions than most. Not only ST666 promotions offer bets, refunds, gifts in kind, but also many other special offers that people should not ignore.

1.1 ST666 promotion for new players

To welcome new members who have successfully registered for an account, the bookie has brought a lot of attractive ST666 promotions:

Instant bonus of 100,000 VND for new players who register and make their first deposit to a member account.

Prizes worth up to 28,888,000 VND for the first time depositing at the game halls of exploding jars, shooting fish to exchange rewards, 3D card games.

Prizes worth up to VND 8,888,000 for the first time you make a deposit at sports betting, esports, casino, cockfighting game halls.

2nd deposit promotion with value up to 16,888,000 VND

Unlimited bonus on the first transaction from 0.5% when depositing through ATM, momo, zalo pay.

1.2 Promotions for VIP members

Not only ST666 promotion for new members, but the house also offers many other incentives to thank VIP members at the house with many hot promotions:

Instant lucky money for VIP members with prize value up to 88,888,000 VND.

Cashback up to 3% on completion of daily tasks at the house.

Huge payouts in the weekly Jackpot game lobby.

Give a golden birthday gift worth up to VND 28,888,000.

Screenshot 2

1.3 Incentive program at betting products

In addition to exclusive promotions for members, the house also offers ST666 promotions in betting products:

The Great War of Gods has a prize value of up to 828,000 VND.

Sports betting with unlimited rewards up to VND 28,880,000.

Spin the jar, the slot game receives bonuses with a value of up to 18,880,000 VND.

The promotion program “shooting fish with enthusiasm” with a bonus value of up to 18,888,000 VND.

Revive relief for warriors with a bonus value of up to 18,888,000 VND.

1.4 Monthly birthday promotion for members

The ST666 birthday promotion bonus is known to be the hottest event at the bookie. This promotion program is organized for the purpose of gratitude to the player members who have loved and trusted the house.

This ST666 promotion will be applied to all members at the house. Benefits when participating in birthday promotion at ST666:

Players only need to deposit at least 200,000 VND, they will immediately receive 108,000 bonus.

For new players who make their first deposit, they will also receive 100,000 investment startups and 150% deposit.

1.5 Loss insurance for members

If you play too much and lose too much capital, you should not be too worried because the ST666 loss insurance promotion at the house will help you get back part of your capital.

This loss insurance ST666 promotion will be applied to longtime members and VIP members. With this offer, if the player loses, the house will refund 10% of the bet on the first day of the month. Thus, people will have more opportunities to prolong the betting game at the house.

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2.Things to keep in mind when receiving ST666 promotion

Currently, there are many players who do not receive the ST666 promotion when they register for an account, so they think the house is a scam. However, in fact, the house always has its own rules for receiving promotions and players need to note the following information to enjoy these offers at the house:

Each player will only be able to participate and receive promotional offers with 1 account with only 1 IP address.

The ST666 house will refuse to receive the promotion if it detects that the player’s account shows signs of fraud, acts of profiteering from the ST666 promotion.

ST666 promotions will be applied separately and players cannot receive multiple promotions at the same time.

You need to pay attention and carefully study the rules and regulations for receiving separate promotions offered by the ST666 house to ensure that you can enjoy valid promotions.

The promotions at the ST666 house will have a specific time frame, so players need to pay attention to not miss attractive promotions.

Above is a list of the latest Khuyến mãi st666 in 2023 that we want to share with you. People can follow regularly to be able to update the latest information. At the same time can not miss many other attractive promotions updated by the house.

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