WhatsApp | Free Download for Android with Simple Steps

One of the best messaging apps would be WhatsApp. It is an excellent tool that comes with lots of fantastic features. It allows users to send and receive messages, images, videos, and other files too. It is free and easy to use as well.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most convenient way of quickly sending messages on your mobile phone to any contact or friend on your contacts list. The only requirement is that the other people must have the app installed on their own device. Now, it is compatible with just about all mobile operating systems on the market: Android, iOS, Symbian, and Windows Phone. So this basically means you’ll be able to use WhatsApp to communicate with any friend, regardless of what model of device they have. However, the users can send text messages, voice messages, links, and images to any other user. Automatic image compression makes transferring files very easy.

However, one of the most interesting and most used tools on WhatsApp is the one that lets you easily create and manage groups. Any user can enter any group, as long as they’ve been invited by the group’s creator, and they can leave it whenever they want. Besides, this app is the perfect communication tool for Android users because, with it, you can forget about paying for text messages ever again. It’s also important to keep in mind that WhatsApp is fully compatible with WhatsApp PLUS.


The features of this app are as follows:

WhatsApp Payments

The payments feature is now live with State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank for Indian users. Now, users can send and receive money through WhatsApp Pay, but first, they need to add their bank account on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp rolled out the disappearing messages feature in 2020. In an individual chat, the user can either turn the disappearing messages on or off, but in a group chat; only group admins have the control to turn disappearing messages on or off.

WhatsApp QR Codes

WhatsApp QR Code is another interesting feature that makes it easier for users to add new contacts. It helps users to share their contact details with other WhatsApp users through customized QR codes

Group Calls

During the Covid-19 pandemic, WhatsApp witnessed a significant increase in engagement. Therefore, the company added group support for video calls and extended the participant limit to eight users.

Dark Mode

It has a Dark Mode that features its users earlier this year. The feature was launched for both Android and iPhone devices.

Advanced Search Mode

The advanced search mode is an interesting and time-saving feature. It allows users to search for pictures, videos, links, and other important things within the app.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp?

You can follow these steps to download and install the game:

Step-1: Go to Google PlayStore.

Step-2: Type WhatsApp on the search box on the PlayStore.

Step-3: Press on the Install button.

Step-4: Wait for a second, and you are done.


WhatsApp is one of the best communicating apps currently available. You must download this app to connect with others.

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