Advantages and Disadvantages of Using AWS

What Exactly is AWS?

AWS is a Cloud Computing platform, which lets you develop your apps in the cloud. It provides a variety of services, including the combination of software and infrastructure and capacity for computing, scalability, the ability to be reliable, and secure database storage. AWS is a great choice to develop your business with quality as it provides more than 200 products and services across the globe. You can learn more about the AWS services from the AWS Course.

The top five services offered by Amazon Web Services include:

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)

Let’s now find out the benefits and drawbacks of Amazon Web Services.

The Top Advantages of AWS

People and companies alike choose AWS for their cloud service because of the many AWS advantages. These are the most popular AWS benefits you should know if you’re looking to move into AWS cloud service.


This is the top benefit advantage of Amazon Web Services benefits. AWS is simple to use since the platform was created to provide rapid and secure accessibility. Users can modify their data whenever anywhere they’d like. Many companies find using AWS for their cloud service more straightforward than using other cloud providers, for example, Azure as well as Google Cloud Platform. AWS gives you all the necessary information, documentation, and video tutorials to assist you in learning how to utilize all its services.


Flexibility is another reason that many businesses choose AWS. It can always work with the operating system, programming languages, and web application platforms you feel familiar with. With a cloud computing service such as AWS ECS2, you are able to build your own virtual computing system with the help of setting up preferred operating systems and programs. AWS benefits can provide the necessary services your application needs to run effortlessly. This makes it easier to manage the migration process and lets you create new solutions in parallel.


Security is among the most significant advantages of AWS cloud computing. As we all know, security is the top concern for any company which relies on data. AWS offers a highly secure infrastructure that ensures the security of your information. Security specialists at AWS use different levels of data surveillance like:

  • Protection of data
  • Access management and identity management
  • Protection of the infrastructure
  • Monitoring of continuous and proactive threats
  • Data privacy and compliance

It’s an end-to-end process to ensure that businesses do not have to be concerned about confidentiality and instead concentrate on business development.

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Suppose you are following the traditional method and methods. In that case, you must construct your servers to store your data and applications that consume a significant amount of your time and money. Therefore, instead of building expensive servers, you could use AWS, which requires paying for only the services and tools you require. AWS provides a pay-as-you-go pricing model meaning that a business will only pay for services it requires and uses for a certain amount of time. It’s like paying your electric bill, but it is only a matter of paying for services you’ve used. AWS services are unique and cost-effective. Services offered by AWS are distinct and more affordable than traditional computing methods.

Furthermore, AWS is a no-commitment service. It doesn’t require any commitment of time before you can begin to use AWS benefits, and you can begin or end your use at any time, without difficulty.


Amazon is the most reliable company in its services to customers. AWS provides over one million active customers in more than 200 countries all across the globe. A team of technology experts is focused on data security. AWS does its job efficiently when required and has many features that help to make it more reliable such as the ability to bounce back from failure automatically. Furthermore, the services such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3 store the data in three different availability zones. This means that even if two fail, users will be able to access their data. Thus, AWS benefits are trustworthy with regard to the services and security they provide.

Elastic and Scalable

AWS is scalable because it uses the AWS Automated Scaling Service automatically expands the capacity of resources that are constrained in accordance with the needs of users so that the application remains accessible. The process of spinning new servers is simple with AWS. If you’d like to increase the number of servers you have, AWS enables you to make use of them in a matter of the timeframe of a few minutes.

Elasticity is among the AWS benefits. If you’re using fewer resources and don’t require the other ones and you don’t need them, then AWS reduces the resources to meet your needs. In other words, both the upsizing and downsizing of resources is simple here. Additionally, AWS always lets you know the number of resources you’re using at any given time.


The term “high-performance computing” (HPC) can be defined as the capability to process massive amounts of data in a fast manner. Companies consider it to be more essential for efficiency and keeping up with competitors. AWS provides a high-performance computing service so that businesses do not need to be concerned about speed.

AWS is now the most well-known cloud platform because it innovates using the most up-to-date tools and technologies to increase efficiency. Every coin comes with two sides. It’s the same for this well-known cloud service. With the advantages mentioned above, there are some disadvantages as well. After having discussed AWS’s advantages, let’s look at Amazon Web Services’ advantages, let’s look at the negatives of AWS.

Disadvantages of AWS

We’ll now look at the disadvantages of AWS.


It is first on the list of negatives associated with Cloud Computing. In AWS there are a few restrictions on EC2 as well as security. Businesses that use AWS will have resources that default to use however the issue arises when the default limits for resources differ between regions. While they are able to submit a request for additional resources, businesses find it a disadvantage to AWS.

Lack of Expertise

AWS is the newest technology that has a complex infrastructure. Companies that are using AWS to run the Cloud Computing platform are looking for professionals to manage AWS’ cloud-based infrastructure. However, just a handful of experts are proficient in AWS or any other cloud provider. Businesses are willing to invest in AWS but have a difficult time finding the right experts to work with AWS that can guide companies to greater performance. This is a potential disadvantage to AWS for both time and money.

Prices Variations

The cost of AWS services can vary based on factors like the cost of the land and fiber electricity, and taxes that vary from region to region. Also, there are variations when you require additional tech assistance. Developer Enterprise, Business, and Developer are the three packages you can pick from and prices vary. This will affect your monthly cost. However, with services such as Amazon CloudWatch, you can keep track of your usage in addition, Serverless Data Lake helps you determine the cost of services available in your area.

General Problems

Amazon is a massive family of customers with millions So it is prone to temporary Cloud Computing problems. Some users experience downtime when using servers. This may be due to the power outage or the connectivity to the cloud service provider. In any case, it will be corrected at some point.


This blog was a way to explore the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Web Services. Numerous top businesses, like Netflix, LinkedIn, etc. And even a lot of government agencies rely on AWS to fulfill their cloud requirements. It provides some of the most effective services to let people forget about their shortcomings. Amazon has always strived to meet its customers expectations, which is a reason why it’s so well-known.

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