Why being social is good for you 

We, humans, are inherently social beings and it is true to a great extent. We crave contact with others for support, wellbeing, and entertainment. We can only exist among other humans; being deprived of communication with other types of our species, we cease to become a man in the full meaning of this word. Thus, living in a society along with others is an important thing in our lives. Society provides us with an important part of our identity as well as teaches us a range of skills that helps us to live our lives.

The benefits of social connection are enormous. Let’s have a look at the most useful impacts of living in a society.

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Key for creating a person: Socialization is the key to creating a person. Society plays an important role and teaches us the values and norms, creating a new personality in a way that would make it possible for individuals to exist within the society.  If a human child is taken from society before he starts to talk and is given to some animals to raise, he will grow up with the psychology of these animals, without knowing anything about being a man. That’s where the importance of socialization is clearly and vividly obvious.

Boost your mental health: Human interaction is important for our mental health. It offers a number of benefits like, reducing your stress level, increased level of happiness, enriching your conference level and boosting your immunity, and other physical health benefits. When you feel happy your social activities will be increased and you’ll be capable of leading a healthy human life. By neglecting our need to connect, we put our health at risk.

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Improves your living quality: Social connection is an indicator of health than obesity, smoking, cardiovascular diseases, repeat heart attack, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, cancer, slowed wound healing, and many more. You need not be physically present to have social connections with others, but it’s important to have your feelings understood and connected with others.


Cure hearing and talking problem: Children who are not talked to enough during the first years of his life may be having certain problems with further development. Socialization helps those children to interact with others from their early stages of life and schools and help to overcome this problem.


Reduce chances of suicide: If individuals are living in isolation or going through depression all alone without interacting with others, they are most likely to end their life soon. Connecting with others helps to lower the chances of suicide and communicating and sharing sorrows with others help to feel light and comfort. Hence, social interaction reduces the chances of committing suicide.

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Remember that social connections that impact your overall life tremendously may begin with a cup of tea or a shared meal, however, they require time and effort. Forming strong relationships with others means opening up, getting help as well as helping in return when they need it. Abandon the calendar and be open to spontaneous interaction.


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