Best Forex Brokers in South Africa

Want to generate more profits from your forex trading, but not sure where to start? Consider these platforms below. They are among the best forex brokers in South Africa, covering all market needs and will support you every step of the way.


The largest and most diverse exchange in the world, Euronext exchanges over 9,900 stocks across 47 countries. Their focus is on serving both professional traders and investors who want to benefit from the business and commercial opportunities of stock exchanges. Their extensive range of products includes both spread and standard contracts and they help you access the markets in over 50 countries across the world.

Forex Broker IBJ Financial Systems Ltd

IBJ Financial Systems Ltd is a leading forex broker with a presence in South Africa and also across the world. They are trusted by traders and investors of all types with a team of experts to guide you. They understand that trading is a complex process and they offer bespoke trading services to help you reach your financial goals. Their range of products includes both spread and standard contracts.

Forex Broker Square Finance

Based in South Africa Square Finance is a global broker offering a full range of Forex products. They are also proud to have the widest spread options. With a dedicated team of specialists, they can be trusted to deliver the highest quality of service. Their products include spread and standard contracts, thereby making it easy to see which suit you best. They also offer a live chat feature to answer any queries you may have.

Forex Broker Trade Country

Trade Country is a world leading forex broker with a great reputation. This broker is trusted by traders and investors with a team of specialists available to support you. This broker serves South Africa and covers over 70 countries in the world. Their range of products includes both spread and standard contracts.

Forex Broker JWN Trading

JWN Trading is one of South Africa’s biggest brokers. They offer a vast range of products to cater to the needs of traders. This broker covers more than 60 countries in the world. They also offer live chat support to answer any queries you may have.

Forex Broker Kenya Futures

Kenya Futures is a broker based in South Africa, specializing in Forex and CFD trading. They deliver excellent customer service and have a robust trading system, that is able to handle large volumes of trades. They have both a mobile and desktop version for traders to trade from.

Most brokers in South Africa focus on spread option trading for beginners, but those above, like JWN and IA also provide market action trading options, with live chat. To discuss forex with any broker, simply send them an email or call them up.

Concluding Words:

With these platforms, it’s easy to learn to trade forex like a professional. This will help you make your money work for you, both in the market and from other areas of your life. And, with the help of these brokers, you will also have access to premium services such as white label systems, and a great team of advisors. Now, it’s time to take your first step in the world of Forex.

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