How do you stay healthy at home in this lockdown situation:

We are brought up hearing “Health is wealth”  and probably very few of us  pay much attention to this epic reality. but the harsh cruelty of this ongoing coronavirus pandemic  situation forced us to think , how important is to  being healthy in this  catastrophic situations.staying at home and keep ourself fit and healthy are the main concern right now.but with some tricky management of your food selection and make change to your lifestyle you  can still be healthy while you are self isolated or quarentined or force to stay at home for any reason.

 1.Stay tuned with with a systematic way.

Make your plan that follow it strictly.doing the same thing at a particular time help you manage your gives you mentally peace and clamness.For instance get up early in the morning and go to the timely can affect your body.make sure you get a adequate but doing the same things repeatedly may feel you bore. make some changes while are on holidays make some positive changes in your holidays  routine can make you fresh and energetic.

  1. Ensure inhaling fresh air everyday.

Go for a outing for a walk or run – it’s decent for your physical and mental health. Again, do it on a regular basis with strict time management so that you can do it regularly Getting out of the goelling place will make you feel better and reduce your cabin fever.

In  case you faces a lockdown in your region., morning walk is not possible due to lockdown effect.but you need to breathe fresh can awake up early, putt your tracksuit on and walks around your sideways.

  1. 3. Make your diet chart well balanced:during these ongoing corona pandemic healthy lifestyle is one thing that can make you strong against the diseases. Inclusions of ample fruits and vegetables to your diet menu can make you healthy.Stay hydrated by drinking enough water.

.try avoiding snacks it is no good for your health.its high time to quit smoking and limit your drinking habits as well.

4.stay connected with your beloved one: As social distancing is a new normal things that people are practicing.Meet your friends and contact them in public is not a good idea.try to best use your social media platforms to stay connected with your friends and can use zoom app, meetme or any other social contacting tool to arrange a virtual party to meet up friends and family as will bring your mind full of freshness

5.transform your home into a mini gym:

As lockdown continues for can hardly attend your training on gymnesium.but there’s a remedy for this problem, you can still doing exercise while staying at home.there have several online gym training sessions that offers you to join their classes through online with minimum subscription fees convert your garage into a mini gym.meditating, weight trainings are still manageable within your home

6.Take a break from smart gadgets:Connecting with friends through digital media is important and essential now.but engaging all the time with digital gadgets may feel you fatigue.take a digital break from this.

7.Stay positive with the news: There are a lot of negative news relating to the covid’s wise not to  engage your thought with all the negative thinking.

8.Meditate;Meditation has a positive impact on healthy body and mind.Meditation keeps your mind calm and also helps to stay focussed try to meditate on a regular basis


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