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Renovation of a one-room apartment “turnkey”

How to repair a one-room apartment efficiently and quickly ? First of all, you need to decide on a contractor, choose the style and range of design and … trust the professionals!

Our company deals with apartment renovations and knows how important it is to make the correct estimate, purchase all materials, carry out the finishing work on time and quickly remove construction waste.

10 fashionable ideas for renovating a one-room apartment with prices

In our review, we will also show you the most popular and current trends in the design and renovation of apartments , which can inspire you and, perhaps, become the basis of your design project.

1. Decorative niches

Decorative niches are a great way to create a place in the room for decor, books, magazines, children’s things. Most often, they are created on the basis of plasterboard partitions, can have lighting and, importantly, are inexpensive. 

2. Podium

The podium is a great opportunity to create a harmonious interior with an attached loggia or balcony, beautifully demarcating zones. For example, in the nursery – for a bedroom and a workplace, in the kitchen – for a place for cooking and meals.

3. Accent wall

An accent wall, whether it’s a colorful wallpaper with a large flower, a bright color or an interesting marble finish, is always a good idea! It allows you to make the interior more deep and thematic!

4. Built-in drain tank, shower drain in the floor

The built-in drain tank in the bathroom during bathroom remodel in sacramento ca and the hanging toilet make the interior of the bathroom more concise. 

5. Decorative brick

Decorative brick is not only fashionable, but also simply very beautiful! Now it is very popular, with it you get the opportunity to add urban charm to your interior. Popular “brickwork” from plastic panels, decorative wallpaper and 3D polyurethane panels. The cost of panels is about 240 hryvnias per square meter. meter.

6. Ceiling and floor lighting

Illumination of the ceiling and floor, storage areas and the headset is very useful, because it not only creates a more romantic mood in the evening, but also provides the necessary lighting for very important areas (kitchen, corridor, etc.).

7. Visual zoning

Visual zoning with partitions and glass. Very often, when replanning a one-room apartment, the question of visual zoning of the space arises. Usually we are talking about separating the kitchen from the living room, or the living room itself from the bedroom.

For such a division of the area, we suggest using glass partitions, curtains, plasterboard partitions of varying storeys or furniture.

8. Built-in storage systems

Built-in storage systems and transforming furniture. Unfortunately, one-room apartments have a big problem with a lack of space. To organize storage and leave enough space for living, we recommend adding built-in modular storage systems and multifunctional transforming furniture.

9. Combined wall decoration

Combined wall decoration. In a small room, combined decoration, luxurious and stylish, is even more important than in a large or luxuriously renovated one. Combined finishing zones the room in the best way.

10. Built-in furniture

Built-in kitchen set and kitchen furniture to order. This idea allows you to properly use the space along the window, build in household appliances so that they seem smaller and, in general, bring your interior to a new level.

Redevelopment: the most convenient and popular solutions for one-room apartments

In the matter of renovating a small apartment , successful replanning is very important. It can eliminate the disadvantages of your apartment that were laid by the developer, add built-in storage systems, rearrange functional areas, add a loggia, etc. We will show you the three most popular redevelopment options for one-room apartments.

The bedroom is in the place of the kitchen, the kitchen is in the corridor

This option makes it possible to create a private bedroom in place of the kitchen. The kitchen itself is moved to the corridor, which is quite acceptable according to the rules and SNAP.

True, the bedroom instead of the kitchen can either be a non-residential room according to the documents (toilet room), or be located on the top floor of the building.

You can also make a living room from the kitchen, one or two bedrooms from the living room, and move the kitchen to the corridor. Then, according to the documents, the living room will be a non-residential space, an “office”, for example, and such a layout can be legalized for an apartment on any floor.

Zoning of the living room into a bedroom and a living room

The usual zoning of the living room with the help of plasterboard, glass, textiles, mirrors and other materials will help you create a separate bedroom or children’s room without unnecessary expenses.

True, it will be better if you add a loggia, there will be a little more space.

Combination of kitchen and living room

If you decide to combine the kitchen and living room in a one-room apartment, and this is possible by law only with an electric stove (non-gasified kitchen), then you will get a fashionable studio layout and a very spacious apartment.

Such a solution will help you solve all problems with the feeling of “compactness” of space and create an interior in one of the fashionable styles (loft, minimalism), where open planning is sometimes simply necessary.

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