Shutterstock: The Epitome of Stock Photography?

Photography captures the essence of the human experience. It renders a purpose to make things, moments and places, timeless. Human beings have always loved places and things that are gorgeous. Things that stimulate the eyes and the brain alike. Anything from the wide canals of Venice to the stunning peaks of Switzerland, with Van Gogh’s paintings littered in between. The eye craves aesthetic things and those that make memories. And photography is a miracle that gives us just that.

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That brings us to one of the broadest available collections of photographs that one can access online. Shutterstock. It is a massive library of stock photography with some of the choicest views seen anywhere in the world. The easiest part about living in this era is that as long as you have the best TV and internet bundles, you can log on to this website and see everything for yourself.

In this article, we hope to walk you through the picturesque world of stock photography and its part in our everyday lives.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is perhaps one of the most significant stock photography archives with easy-to-use editing tools and stock music. It is a proudly American brand name headquartered in New York and stands unparalleled in the ultimate quest for quality.

Jonathan Oringer launched the program in 2003 as a means to showcase his talent as a great photographer. This entrepreneurial process caught fire fairly quickly, with Shutterstock now home to over 200 million stock photos and 10 million music and video selections.

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Initially, a subscription site only available to paying users, Shutterstock was open to public use in 2008. Hence, it now allows people to browse through the site free of cost and has customizable and easy pricing plans for people who are willing to purchase.

What Is a Stock Photograph?  

A stock photograph is a licensed picture from the owner and can be used by other people at his or her agreement. The owners of the photograph can be artists, photographers, or even you if you have an eye for that kind of thing. You submit entries to stock agencies, which in turn make beautiful catalogs out of them, putting them out for use by the public.

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Stock photography can make money because clients who like a particular photo would pay the platform a certain fee to download it. The prices range can vary between 25 cents to a dollar, depending upon the quality of the shot and owner.

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How Shutterstock Works  

Shutterstock acts like a provider where it takes things from a seller (in this case, contributors) and presents them to the buyers. This occurs on the same platform (i.e., Shutterstock), which acts as a broker in this scenario. The best thing about channels like Shutterstock is that it facilitates both ends of the demand and supply chain and saves everyone a lot of trouble.

How to Sell On Shutterstock?  

If you have the makings of a photographer and want to earn through it, Shutterstock may be a game-changer for you. Some steps are outlined below to help you in your journey.

  • Make an account on Shutterstock and register as a contributor.
  • Upload a small set of ten photos. Include your best-ever shots. These will be reviewed and wait for approval before you can become a permanent contributor.
  • Once you are approved, you can start posting as many pictures as you may like.
  • Approved images end up in the Shutterstock library, among other remarkable pictures. Anyone browsing through the photos can come across your work.
  • If a client likes your works and buys it, you earn a reward in your wallet, and it keeps accumulating. Once your wallet has a sizeable amount, you can request a payout from the team.
  • Enjoy! Your journey as an incredible photographer is only just beginning!

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How to Stand Out on Shutterstock?  

Shutterstock has been around for almost two decades, and so the competition on the platform stays intense. Even so, there are some tips you can use to reach a greater number of people and touch their lives with your instrumental work. Some of the things you can do to increase your page’s organic traffic are as follows.

  1. A few keywords go a long way: Since the internet drives everything about Shutterstock, it pays to have the correct keywords in place. Make sure you put in plenty, the right ones, so any relevant search will never leave out your work!
  2. There is more where that came from: Let your audience know what you are capable of. Tell them you can do pretty landscape as well as bird-eye photography. The more pictures and types you upload, the better your chances of being noticed by the community. And, of course, being seen is what you are here for. Don’t compromise!
  3. Trends ALWAYS ride shotgun: You can quickly become old news on the internet if you are not in sync with the latest trends. Keep tabs on what’s making the people tick this week. Whether it’s Squid Game’s latest merchandise or Dalgona candy, make sure you know what to deliver. Your Shutterstock portfolio is best noted when it grants people what they like. And it isn’t a lot of work either. I mean, who doesn’t fancy staying in fashion?


Is Shutterstock Worth the Hype?  

Shutterstock is not a full-time job that will pay you by the hour. The compensation is by each picture that sells and sometimes may not seem rewarding enough. However, it is a sound channel to start building your portfolio, and a little money on the side never hurts anybody. Regardless it is better to not count on Shutterstock as your bread and butter until you become of the few famous contributors.

One of the best things about Shutterstock is that every time a picture sells, it fills you with a slight buzz as dopamine courses through your brain. It is a good dose of confidence, especially if you are just only stepping out in the world of photography. Granted, it may not be as fulfilling as other jobs out there, but it is a decent place to start as a beginner.

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