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We all love taking photographs, making videos for special occasions and so on. But have you ever wanted the perfect media player to showcase all of your talented skills? Meeting up with friends for reunions often require the need to put up a screen with fond memories and good times spent. Photographs and videos are the best source to do so. Weddings, Anniversaries, Family reunions, all of these events often display pictures and videos to go back in time and relive memories spent.

So, for all of you who’d love some media on display, CMP-Soft, LLC has brought to you ‘PhotoGuru Media Player’ for all android users out there! This media player is specially designed to display all of your amazing captures and videos from different files on your android phones, smart TVs, and tablets.

Making presentations on PhotoGuru is extremely convenient and a great way to showcase your skills and talents. The user-friendly interface will make your life super convenient and exciting. PhotoGuru is also compatible with many other android devices such as Google Android TV and Fire TV of Amazon. The display quality of the app is of top quality and will ensure to keep your eyes locked on the screen throughout.

Features of PhotoGuru Photo Media Player

PhotoGuru will access all of your scintillating photographs and videos from photo and file hosting services that are cloud-based and make all your reunions filled with warmth and happiness. Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr, SmugMug, Google Drive, Zenfolio, WebDAV, no matter where your media is saved and stored, you can display them on PhotoGuru at absolute ease.

What’s most exiting about PhotoGuru is that it is ad-free! Imagine all of the frustration you go through with the countless ads on every other app you use. But with PhotoGuru you can enjoy what it has to offer with no added cost or frustration. PhotoGuru Media Player constantly keeps updating in order to provide its users with the best features possible.

Photographs and videos can bring out memories that are long gone and leave a sense of happiness in everyone’s hearts. Grateful for the development of technology that all of our memories can now be stored in the form of media and relived with no hassle whatsoever.

PhotoGuru Media Player is the perfect source with extensive slideshow settings and screensaver slideshows that will bring out the best in you. Its ability to connect to any local media and all other web services makes it ideal for its users to explore all of their media and choose exactly what they need.

You can sit back and comfortably enjoy from your own home. So, add more fun and excitement to all of your events and reunions with PhotoGuru Media Player and enjoy the range of amazing features the app has to offer.

Install best Photo Media Player on TV

Many use their Android TV or Fire TV to watch photos and videos that are captured using your camera. But there are not many easy-to-use photo media players. Now you can install this PhotoGuru Media player on any Android TV and Fire TV application using AppLinked.

First install AppLinked on your TV. You can either use already available public AppLinked store or create a new one. Easiest way is to find AppLinked store that has this application. TV app stores like FileSynced APK offers all trending and popular FileSynced stores within the app itself. Therefore, no need to find codes on the internet.

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