Vn88 supporting the World Cup 2022 and of migrant workers in Qatar

Sharing of migrant workers with Vn88: Putting aside the worries of “rice and money” and many works for the World Cup are still scattered, thousands of workers carry love in their hearts. Football has gathered in a fanzone located in an industrial park on the outskirts of the capital Doha to glue their eyes to a giant screen to watch the historic opening match of host Qatar against Ecuador.

The majority of those special fans are male, with the majority creating a bustling working-class atmosphere coming from South Asian countries (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal). In addition, there is a group of people with African nationality. All have contributed to building the infrastructure for 64 top matches in the 2022 World Cup. The match on the evening of November 21 is an opportunity for them to sit together, not only to find fun with the ball, but also to have fun with the ball. He also evaluates the results of his labor during hard work.

Football’s common language

According to Vn88cx, the official fanzone located at Al Bidda park – the center of Doha – about 30km to the southwest, the fanzone for Qatar’s migrant workers is no less eager. The entrance gate is opened 20-30 minutes before the opening ceremony. The ceremony lasted 30 minutes, and fans cheered, from the impressive performance of Jungkook’s voice from the famous Korean group BTS to the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani announcing the opening.

Music is the “spiritual food” of football festivals, and so is the fanzone for workers. Hire a DJ to play a variety of popular Indian music, including Panjabi MC’s classic “Mundian to Bach Ke” which was a crowd favorite. Food stalls are also bustling with people greeting buyers. Through phone cameras, workers capture memorable moments from the opening night of the World Cup, and the photos will be sent back to their families.

When the opening whistle from Italian referee Daniele Orsato sounded, all attention was focused on the giant television screen that dedicated to the immigrant fans. Each phase of holding the ball or counter-attack of the Qatar players received resounding applause from thousands of fans watching. The fun may subside with the home team’s 0-2 defeat, but no fan is sad because they clearly understand the huge difference in class with Ecuador.

Al Jazeera media channel quoted fan Mohammad Hossein, 45, from Bangladesh: “In the fanzone but I think I’m on the field. The atmosphere is very exciting.” Hay Pradeep, an Indian national, said he was extremely interested in this atmosphere. “We will go to the streets to celebrate if Qatar wins a World Cup match,” he said.

Happy to contribute to the 2022 World Cup rolling the ball

Qatar, with a population of just 2.8 million, has become the first Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup. In order for this historic World Cup to be rolled on schedule, the host country needs an abundant source of labor from other countries. Some workers had just finished their shift, so they were still wearing protective clothing and ran to the fanzone so as not to miss a single minute of the opening match’s history. They exchanged the question of whether they could take time off work to watch the next matches or not? That is the question that many workers have shared with reporters of Vn88 mobile.

Coach Van Gaal finally had to hit the striker who was not in the best shape, Memphis Depay on the field in the 62nd minute, replacing Janssen. When the presence of the player who contributed to 18 goals in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Europe – scored 12 goals and assisted 6 more goals after 10 matches – did not create a flourish for the Dutch attack, their nets almost broke. Boulaye Dia has a strong shot into the near post, but goalkeeper Andries Noppert has time to react and block

Comments of Vn88 sport: The closer the development moves to the end, the less creativity of both sides. But in the 84th minute, De Jong hit a pass into the box and Cody Gakpo crossed in, a beat faster than Edouard Mendy’s exit to head home the opening goal. And in the 8th minute of injury time, goalkeeper Andries Noppert launched a long counter-attack, and reserve striker Davy Klaassen scored the goal to seal a 2-0 victory.

This result saw Ecuador and the Netherlands split the top two positions of Group A, and turn the match on November 25 to decide the ticket to the 1/8 round for the winning team.

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